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                    Winge Johanna
                    Vinge Johanna
Mathias Winge (VINGE)
Matias (Mathias Greison) Vinge
SOURCE:  "The Green Pastures of Vinge" by Dennis Winge:

Mathias was born October 20, 1844 on the Nedre Vinge farm (76.6) near Skatval. He was the first member of the family to emigrate -his departure occurring when he was 22. He left Norway as a bachelor, but shortly after his arrival in Goodhue County, he married.

Notice the conflict above as to where Mathias and Johanna were married (Chicago vs. "Goodhue County".  Need to resolve this.Johanna Hansdatter Vollan. Johanna, born April 20, 1848, and was raised on Austre Vollan (farm 30.2) which was situated about five kilometers east of Nedre Vinge. Because of the close proximity of the two farms, it appears likely that Mathias knew Johanna even prior to his emigration. Their first child was born in 1867, so Johanna must have emigrated around 1866 also. A brother and sister of Johanna also emigrated to America, but it is not known where they settled. Johanna was one of six children born to Hans Person and Mali Jonsdatter.   Incidentally, Mali Jonsdatter came from Nygard Auran (farm 72.4) which was one of the ancestral farms of the wife of Johan Greison Aurberget. Hans Person Vollan acquired control of the farm in 1840 from his father Per Jonson Skjervauran who had purchased Vollan in 1824.  The farm was of medium size, and in 1865 supported 2 horses, 4 cows, 8 sheep and 1 pig. Potatoes and oats were the major two crops grown in that year. Johanna's ancestors resided on farm 77.1 Skjervauran prior to 1824 and records of this family line date back to the early 1700's.

Mathias Greison and Johanna Vollan raised 12 children (*13 children (*1 child, Martin George, died in infancy-JMS) initially in Goodhue County and subsequently in Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota.  Mathias and Johanna died in 1910 and 1917 respectively and are buried in the Hegre Cemetery northeast of Madison, Minnesota.
Note by Jon Satrum:  I added a note to Dennis Winge's text above to reflect the fact that there was 1 more child who died in infancy.

Additional Research by Jon Satrum:

Mathias Winge was my Father's, Mother's, Father.

Source: Compendium of History and Biography - Central and Northern Minnesota Containing a History of the State of Minnesota - 1904
Mathias G. Winge, although a comparatively recent settler of Lac qui Parle County, is held in high esteem as one of the substantial citizens of Madison Township. He has a pleasant home here where he may enjoy his declining years and he is a man of integrity.

Mr. Winge was born on a farm in Norway in 1844. His father was a farmer by occupation and came to America in 1868, locating in Goodhue County, MIinnesota. Our subject was reared in his native land and in 1866 landed at Quebec, Canada, from which place he came to Chicago, thence to Winona, Rochester, and finally to Red Wing, and in the latter place resided for two years. He became a permanent resident of Goodhue County and remained there for many years, purchasing land and becoming a prosperous farmer. He' owned a tract of eighty acres and engaged in farming this land until 1892 when he disposed of his interests in Goodhue County and purchased his present farm in Lac qui Parle County. This consists of one hundred and sixty acres and is a well-improved estate. He has all necessary farm buildings and all machinery for conducting his farm and has a fine grove and other valuable features on the place which combine to furnish him a home of great comfort. He has devoted his entire time and attention to farming and is well versed in his chosen calling.

Mr. Winge was married in Chicago in 1866 to Miss ]ohannah P. Vollam (*1), a native of Norway.  Of this union twelve children have been born, ten of whom are now living. They are named as follows: Henry M., Martin M., Semen, Gustav, Marvin, Mary, now married: Lena, also married; Julia, married; Clara and Alma. Mr. and Mrs. Winge have twenty grandchildren. Mr. Winge is a consistent member of the Norwegian Lutheran church and has held numerous church offices. He is a Republican in political faith and stands firmly for the principles of his party, lending his influence for good government, but he does not seek public preferment.
(*1),  Note Spelling error in the Compendium.

1877 Wanamingo Township Plat book:
Township 110 North Range 17 West
"M.G. Winge" is shown on 80 acres in the western 1/2 of the quarter section of the northeast corner of section 24.  His brother, O.G. Winge is shown in the northeast corner section 34 and the southeast corner of section 27 of Wanamingo Township.
Notice that the spelling of "Winge" was used in the plat book.

1880 U. S. Census:
On the 1880 U.S. census of Wanamingo Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota, Mathias G. Vinge was listed as a farmer, with his wife Johanna H. listed as "keeping house".  Living with them were 4 sons: Gustav, Henry, John P., and Carl M. 3 daughters: Maria, Mattie C., and Julia M.  Also listed was a 21 year old servant, Anne M. Vifstad who was from Norway.  Mathias' father and mother, Greis J., age 70  and Marith O., age 68 are also shown as living with them.

Notice that the spelling of "Vinge" was being used on the census.

Lac qui Parle County
The Winge families were considered "Pioneer Settlers" in Lac qui Parle county.  When Mathias' son Henry O. Winge died, the newspaper article about the funeral was titled "Old Settler is called by death".  When Mathias' brother Ole G. Winge (Ola Grieson) died, the article about the funeral included the following: "Ole G. Winge, one of the early settlers of Lac qui Parle county, died . . . . "

Mathias Vinge's farm in Madison Township, Minnesota was in Township 118 North, Range 44 West in the southwest corner of Section 3.  It is shown in the 1900 plat book as being 160 Acres and belonging to M.G. Winge.  The farm was purchased for $4,000.00 from Peter O. Hegrum and Justine Hegrum on the 29th of March, 1892 shortly after the Vinges arrived in Laq qui Parle county.  Later on the 4th of November, 1909 Mathias G. Winge and his wife Johanna Winge sold the farm to Edward Smaagaard for $1.00.  It was "free and clear except a mortgage now of record against the above land".

While we drove to the farm, but no picture of  this farm in included, as today it is simply a modern farm located at the south-west corner of a quarter section about 2 miles south of the Hegre church.  In 2005, the farm belongs to Orien Boraas.

Mathias' and Johanna's graves are in the very southwest corner of the Hegre cemetery.  There is a large standing monument with just the name "Winge" and then 3 gravestones laid even with the ground in front of the larger monument.  The graves are Mathias, his wife Johanna and John P. Winge (a son) who died at the age of 19.  The church is no longer there, but a small scale replica church is in its place.  There are 6 pews (3 on each side) and a baptismal font inside.

Johanna VingeSee narrative on Mathias Vinge above for some of Johanna's information.

This picture of Johanna Vollan was in a scrapbook belonging to Mette Olga Satrum Shelstad, known to family members simply as "Olga".  This picture belonged to Olga and had the inscription "Grandma Winge" so I believe this is a picture of Johanna Vollan as Johann Vollan was Olga's Grandma Winge.

She was said to have died of heart failure following a long illness.


NOTES:  Should I include the list of names at Hegre Cemetery (partial) created by the historical society?

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Notice the conflict above as to where Mathias and Johanna were married (Chicago vs. "Goodhue County".  Need to resolve this.

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