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10 November 2007


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2005 photo with Jon Satrum, great-grandson of Mathias Vinge, grandson of Mette Caroline Vinge, standing near the entrance.
You can see an addition to the house on the left of the photo and the fjord to the left of that.

Side view with Trondheim fjord in the background.

Early -mid 1970's photo from one of Dennis Winge's books.

Notice the differences.  While the addition on the left of the house is not present, the house was a little bit longer.  I thought someone had said there was a fire and after that the addition was built.  So the addition would have been built after the early to mid 1970's.  I need to verify what actually happened.

Inger Johanne and Harald Vinge  of Stjørdal talking to the owner.

As seen from the road before you turn into the entrance drive.
Notice how close the property is to the fjord.  Also note the newer more modern white house on the property.

Vinge 76.6 in 1976.

Picture Credits:
Dennis Winge

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Vinge 76.6 was the home of my great-great-grand-father, Greis Jonson Vinge and my great-grandfather Mathias Greison Vinge 1844-1910.

Those who lived at Vinge 76.6 included:

Greis Jonson Vinge 1810-1868
*His wife Marit Olsdatter Floan 1812-?

Their children:
   Johan Greison  1834-1910
   Ola Greison 1836-1921
   Gjertrud Greisdatter 1842-1912
  Mathias Greison Vinge 1844-1910
   Ottar 1851-1925
   2 other children died in infancy.
Greis Jonson became an independent land owner on August 27, 1836 when he purchased Vinge 76.6 from Kristofer Olson Vinnan.  The area was known as nedre Vinnan (also referred to as nedre Vinge).  Greis had been Greis Jonson Mera but he now became Greis Jonson Vinge.  He could have used the name Vinnan but chose Vinge.

In 1865, the farm was listed at 35 acres, with 24 of those acres planted in potatoes.  Greis also had 7 sheep, 4 goats, 1 pig and 3 other larger animals, presumably horses or cows.

Dennis Winge donated 2 of his books to the Skatval Historical Society.  Jon Satrum took these books to Skatval in September of 2005.

Get someone to comment on the differences between the pictures Dennis took and the pictures I took.

Contact Olav Vinge regarding the addition on the left side, and the story that there had been a fire that destroyed the original part

Include more of the text from Dennis's book about the farm.  Scan, and clean up, then include.

Was the picture of the "owner" actually a picture of someone who had stopped at the farm with something for the family?   Need to clarify this.