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I need the name of the owner, his brother and the brother's wife.

FjaerplassenFJÆRPLASSEN GNR. 60/3/4/5
This picture was taken in September, 2005 when we visited Flærplassen.  You can see Trøndheim fjord in the background.  In an earlier time this house was even closer to the fjord.  The wind off the fjord was quite strong and you wonder what it was like living in an un-insulated house like this in January or February.  Notice that I am standing in a concrete trough that is on 3 sides of the house.  We didn't ask, but assume the trough carries rain away from the building, much like when you dig a 3-sided trench around a tent when you are camping.

See a more complete description at the bottom of this page.

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You can see the old farm house just between the barn and a more modern building on the right with the fjord in the background
The owner--far right.
The owner's brother and wife on the left.
With my cousin Mary Iwen Lamp.  We are both grandchildren of Berit Røkke
As seen from the side with the fjord to the right.  Gene and Mary Lamp can be seen in the photo.
To go upstairs to the bedrooms you used a ladder to enter through a hole in the ceiling
Entrance door to the small bedroom
The small wooden bed gives you a sense of the size of the room (about 2 X 4 meters)
The wooden floor was set on top of rough hewn timbers.
The largest upstairs room
Wooden Floor
Supports in place while restoration continues
Rough Hewn Timber Floor
Jon Loar Fiskvik standing next to some of the original wallpaper which had been uncovered Some of the modernization efforts to allow the kitchen and bath to be installed
Notice the height of the ceiling above Gene Lamp's head
Boards removed and the timbers of the floor above exposed
The fjord from an upstairs window A 2008 photo
Back of the house

This is the farm of Berit Rokke's father Hagen Olsen Rokke (Rykkja) -

This farm is listed in the 2001 Skatval Bygdbok on pages 21, 22, and 23

The first notation is the bygdbok is "Utskilt fra bnr. I 1862".  This appears to be a reference to separating the property from another entity, but I need to verify this.

Along with my cousin, Mary Iwen Lamp and her husband Gene, we visited this farm in September, 2005 and met the current owner  The pictures on this page are from that visit.  Mary and I are grandchildren Berit Røkke and John J. Svee (Svebukta, Saltøy). There is a more modern house on the property, but the owner lived in the original house when he was young.  The middle bedroom upstairs was his bedroom.  We visited again in 2008 and progress had been made but the project was not yet completed.

Første Etasje
First Floor
The house was undergoing restoration and addition of some modern features (addition of a bathroom, kitchen and running water on the first floor which appeared originally to be 2 big rooms).  In the final construction it looked like there would be 2 rooms in addition to the kitchen and bath.

The restoration also included preservation and was being carefully done by people with the appropriate skills.  When the interior walls were exposed, wallpaper original to the house was found.

Annen Etasje
Second Floor
You entered the second floor by climbing up a conventional ladder through a hole in the ceiling.  The ladder took you up to a small entrance room and 3 bedrooms.  If you face the front of the house with the fjord behind it, the bedroom on the top left was the smallest (about 2X 4 meters), the middle was a little bigger and had been the bedroom of the owner when he was young, and the one to the right the largest (almost 1.5-2 times the size of the middle bedroom.  We speculated that the small room might have been the bedroom of Berit Rokke, but we don't know for sure.

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